Many People Think China & the US Have Entered a New Cold War:
Check Out China-US War to Learn Whether a Cold War Could Turn Hot

China Cold War Video

Extensive archival footage illustrates the China history timeline, with focus from the Boxer Rebellion to Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil War and height of Mao worship and the beginning of the Cultural Revolution in 1967, when film was released.

Entitled “China: the Roots of Madness,” this documentary provides a fascinating historical foundation for issues around — using terms then popular, –the Red China Cold War. Forces from the communist People’s Republic of China were called the Red Chinese or CHICOMs (Chinese communist), as opposed to the Nationalist Chinese on Taiwan (CHINATs), US allies.

Some key observations in this documentary remain relevant today as American debates the current China threat, which some claim is exacerbated by modern Chinese leaders who extol the brutal communist leadership of Mao Tse-tung (Mao Zedong) seen in this film and pursue the China military buildup.